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Build Something Stronger With PWT

June 10, 2024
By Pacific Woodtech Corporation

feature image(Image: courtesy of PWT)

There’s so much beauty in Canada. Picturesque environments dotted with cottages, vacation homes, and resorts. Enchanting architecture in bustling cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. It’s no wonder Canada is experiencing a load of growth right now. However, it can be difficult to keep up with.

Canada also endures challenging weather conditions, labor shortages, and a demand for sustainable building practices that make fostering that growth difficult. Not to mention the additional needs for solving those challenges, including material quality, structural
demands, and cost.

Juggling all of these matters can be as tough as a Yellowknife winter. Fortunately, there’s a seasoned player in the building solutions industry providing a catch-all answer: PWT.

PWT crafts top-tier engineered wood products (EWP), and we’ve done it for 26 years. With so much time building, innovating, and refining our product, we know the true power and versatility of this wood. But it’s not just about the wood with us, it’s about you. At PWT, we’re about building together. We strive to deliver an experience that understands, appreciates, and cares about your success, no matter how you define it. Because our success is your achievement, and the relationship we build along the way.

But when it is about the wood, PWT’s EWP is lighter, more resilient, and more efficient than traditional lumber. It’s engineered to have high strength and dimensional stability, so warping, shrinking, and swelling are your last concern throughout the seasons. And you can rely on that no matter the sizing your structure needs. EWP stands strong in the most innovative architectural designs and flexible floor plans, without support. Which makes sense since its manufactured under controlled conditions – its quality and performance is as consistent as its strength. But that’s only the beginning of what EWP offers Canadian Builders.

PWT recognizes the value of sustainability and safety. Moreover, we’re their champions; because we engineer these values right into the core of their product. EWP isn’t just wood, it’s usually wood made out of wood. Smaller, less desirable pieces that are usually
scrapped, and refined into premium lumber. But at PWT, our prime example of maximizing forest resources, and reducing waste, is that we produce ours from high-quality timber selected from sustainably managed forests. Another part of the EWP 1 engineering process is building these pieces to exceed building code requirements. PWT makes their products pre-certified, and ready for a variety of applications, while ensuring code compliance.

In addition to sustainability and safety, PWT effectively tackles some of the tougher parts of the building solutions industry as well: cost and building on challenging sites. As mentioned previously, PWT’s production wastes less material, while creating a strong product. That reduces your need for larger, traditional lumber. On top of that, its built for quick installations, saving time and money on your projects. Another saving you get with EWP is space. It can be transported in a compact form to those hard to reach building sites throughout Canada’s landscape. Meaning that light, high quality, easily installable materials can come wherever you are.

But selling EWP isn’t the only business PWT is in, they’re also looking for change. After 26 years in this industry, they believe business isn’t what it used to be. It’s lost its sense of relationship, which is why PWT is striving to build something stronger, together. And that something includes you, and Canada.

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