Canadian Contractor

February 28, 2014 News

I feel we are all just a bunch of sheep in this country that get shaved of our coats…

by Steve Payne

Comments from John about who is working for who when government bureaucracies squeeze more and more money from the tradesperson.

April 2, 2013 News

Ontario College of Trades is a good thing, trades union spokesman says

by Steve Payne

The Ontario College of Trades will help strengthen the trades sector in our province, says Pat Dillon, a member of the College’s “appointments council.”

December 11, 2012 News

Bathroom ventilation: Fact and fiction

by Steve Payne

Bathroom fan replacement across Canada could almost become an industry in itself. Vast numbers of them aren’t doing what they were designed to do.

June 25, 2012 Voice

Homecare seminar, Part 2: I am part of the problem

by Robert Koci

The biggest resistance to this industry’s growth is the unwillingness to admit it is necessary.

June 4, 2012 Product

Accent the Old with a Little New

by Robert Koci

A brand new look on a budget

March 24, 2012 Voice

A close shave

by Alec Caldwell

Remember, just because you’ve never had a guy wearing a blue hard come up to you on your renovation site all those past years you’ve been in the business doesn’t meant it won’t happen to you today.

March 8, 2012 Voice

The Profit Series Part 2: Markup and Margin

by Robert Koci

Knowing the difference between Markup and Margin can make or break your profit strategy

January 18, 2012 News

Survey your customers

by Robert Koci

All you need to know to get started on a customer survey