Canadian Contractor

October 3, 2014 News

I was fined for the same offence, by two different officers, within 10 minutes

by Steve Payne

Remember the days when cops used to be out there to catch the bad guys and keep the streets safe? Now, are they nothing but tax collectors? Let us know what you think.

August 20, 2014 Voice

Driving in the big city: Confrontations with other drivers and road rage

by Alec Caldwell

Some people become demons when they climb behind the wheel. Taking their aggressive driving actions personally could cost you your life – or at the least a criminal record.

July 13, 2014 Voice

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (8) More hoops and hurdles

by Robert Koci

Fourteen weeks into his family’s new home build, John Bleasby has passed through about five inspections. They’ve actually ben “pleasant experiences” for the veteran, retired commercial pilot and rookie GC.

September 25, 2013 Product

Milwaukee Tool sponsors Canadian Contractor's RenoSummit business seminars, just six weeks away.

by Robert Koci

If you aren’t making enough money as a renovator, it’s quite possibly NOT your building skills. It’s your business skills that need sharpening. At our one-day RenoSummit seminars, Nov. 5 (Whitby, ON), Nov. 6 (Toronto) and Nov. 8 (London, ON), you can learn how to make the money you really deserve.

November 6, 2012 News

Hero Builders contest: a Mike Holmes antidote?

by Steve Payne has launched Hero Builders, a superhero-themed contest designed to challenge the negative stereotypes about the renovation industry and “help rebuild trust between contractors and homeowners.”

October 29, 2012 News

3 ways to finance a reno: Using a mobile device!

by Steve Payne

Helping your prospective customers to get renovation financing over a mobile phone, thanks to these new apps, is now a reality.

October 29, 2012 Voice

Renos 2013 by the numbers

by Robert Koci

I just sat through a presentation at the Hardlines Conference in Mississauga by an economist from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ted Tsipkopoulos, where he presented that organization’s view of the future of the renovation business in Canada over

February 27, 2012 Video

Hilti Brushless Power

by Robert Koci

Look for more brushless drivers this spring from Porter Cable and Milwaukee, too. More power, longer battery life and longer shelf life, they say.