Canadian Contractor

December 16, 2012 Video

The product that keeps basement floor installations dry

by Robert Koci

A “Made in Canada” product you will want to install in your customer’s basement

November 30, 2012 Video

Tree protection, good and bad

by Robert Koci

Keeping the site neat is a very good way to leave a good public impression

November 27, 2012 Video

Video: Rob, Steve and readers weigh in on the Ontario College of Trades’ fees for "compulsory" trades

by Robert Koci

The College will be invoicing lots of you in April. $120 for licensed trades in certain categories, and $60 for apprentices. Many readers of Canadian Contractor are angry about this, saying that the College is offering little or no value in return.

November 27, 2012 Video

How does a video like this get over 30,000 views!!

by Robert Koci

No offense to this guy, really, but how do five tips on bathroom renos that start with “Make sure you have a really, really good plan” get 30,162 hits? How desperate can we be for tips? I waited patiently for

November 9, 2012 Video

Epic fails in construction

by Robert Koci

You thought your mistakes were bad!

November 5, 2012 Video

Building your employee loyalty: lessons from WestJet

by Robert Koci

If you can learn from anywhere, learn from WestJet

October 31, 2012 Video

Why wood is better for building everything

by Robert Koci

And why Life Cycle Assessment is the only way to know what is truly “green.”

October 29, 2012 Video

Your personal invitation to RenoSummit

by Robert Koci

Make a lot more money as a renovator, without burning yourself out. Attend our RenoSummit one-day seminars in Vancouver (Nov. 12), Calgary (Nov. 14) and Winnipeg (Nov. 16)

November 3, 2011 Video

Motivating your staff without money

by Robert Koci

There is more to life than money