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Apprenticeship training programs on the rise

Trades & Hiring

A renewed interest in the trades is great news for the industry

According to StatsCan, in 2018 new registrations in apprenticeship programs rose 11.6 per cent, while certifications in trades was up 6.6 per cent — the first boost for these numbers since 2014.

The rise in these numbers is part of an overall trend of strong employment growth across the country in the previous two years — especially in the construction industry.

These increases coincided with strong employment growth in Canada over the previous two years, particularly in the construction industry.

Among the findings:

  • There were 79,860 new registrations in 2018;
  • Over half the new registrations were in Quebec;
  • Quebec-based carpenters, metal workers and electricians saw the largest share of new registrants;
  • Alberta registrations were up for the first time since crude oil prices dropped in 2014;
  • Saskatchewan and Labrador registrations continued to decline; and
  • The majority of the increase in trade certificates granted came in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Do these numbers signal a beginning of the end of the skills crisis? What are you seeing in your own business? Is it easier to find new blood now?


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