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All About Fasteners, Episode 9: Four common complaints about fasteners (and their solutions) VIDEO



Head stripping, screws breaking, head snapping and time-consuming pre-drilling... all cost contractors time and money

In this video, Will Chen, product marketing manager at ITW, explains the top 4 complaints that contractors have about fasteners.

And how ITW Fasteners try to reduce these problems with their particular fasteners.

The 4 common complaints are

  1. Head Stripping
  2. Screws Breaking
  3. Head Snapping
  4. Time-Consuming Pre-Drilling

ITW likes to use 6 point driver bits, deeply set, to reduce (1).

(2) and (3) are minimized using the toughest possible materials that ITW can source.

(4) can be minimized by using GRK’s premium RK structural screws that do not require pre drilling (unless local codes require it).


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