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Answering your ICF questions, Part 3 (VIDEO)



Gary Meine, architectural technologist for NUDURA, responds to questions often asked by builders new to ICFs

In this video, Gary Meine of NUDURA answers Rob Koci’s questions about “inspection protocols” for building with ICFs.

There are two types of inspections that are important before your pour concrete into the ICFs:

(1) Your trained NUDURA distributor’s inspection


(2) The inspection by your local building department.

Gary recommends that, even if (2) is not a legal requirement in your jurisdiction, you get BOTH of these inspections done before you pour. As a builder new to ICFs, you will want to go through NUDURA’s Pre-Pour Checklist to make sure you have all the reinforcing in the right places.

Gary also points out that NUDURA welcomes building inspectors and municipal officials at its training seminars, too. Many of them are new to ICFs as well.

Want to start to build with ICFs, but not sure you want to go “all in” on your next build? Why not do your basement in ICFs, and then do a traditional stick-frame build from ground level to the roof? You will see how straightforward building with ICFs can be – once you get the NUDURA training.

If you have any questions or observations about ICFs, please post them in our Comment section.

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