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Bad Santa

Take a look at what Santa left in this neighbourhood

December 23, 2011
By Robert Koci

Marketing is not just business cards, websites and flyers. Branding is not just about a nice logo. Take a look at how this company is being branded and marketed by its behaviour.

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5 Comments » for Bad Santa
  1. Jenn Pistone says:

    I love this Robert!

    Good Job! – Keep them coming.

  2. I visit a lot of job sites, and I am amazed at how very little value and attention is placed on garbage, recycling, separation of valuable materials,and general housekeeping. I wonder why CGs don;t lay down the law with their subs and require them to be responsible for removing, recyling and disposing of their own waste. All they need to do is set out a set of rules that includes backcharging subs for cleaning up any mess they leave behind!

    • Robert Koci says:

      The rule of backcharging subs is a good one, but there are still signs that this general contractor never intended to take care of his mess in the first place. Witness the fence. It would be hard to find one more useless.

      Thanks for you comment. Keep reading and writing to us.

    • Robert Koci says:

      habits are hard to break. What is needed is subtrades that take the initiative to do a much better job of recycling, reusing and just working clean. Once the contractor realizes the value of getting that kind of service, the improvement will come. The clean contractors will be the one to get the work.

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