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VIDEO: Steve ribs Rob about his appearances on the new Blood, Sweat and Tools TV show

Steve Payne   


Let's hope Rob's ego remains in check, now that he's appearing as one of the hosts/judges on the Discovery Channel's smash new renovation reality show. Monday's 10 pm Eastern Time.

Our publisher Rob Koci is one of the three judges on a terrific new renovation TV show called BLOOD, SWEAT & TOOLS. We thought it might actually suck, before we saw the first episode. But it’s actually extremely funny – with the women generally beating the bejeebus out of the men’s egos – and the men trying to regain their manhoods with over the top safety violations that will have the Ministry of Labour all ready to slap Robbo in handcuffs. Alec Caldwell is going to have a heart attack when he sees this show. Alec?

Check it out, Monday nights: 7 pm PT, 8 pm MT, 9 pm CT, 10 pm ET, 11 pm in Atlantic Canada.

The show features five of Canada’s “most inept home renovating couples” competing for a $50,000 cash prize. They are extremely inept. We think Rob is doing this show to drum up business for our contractor readers. Good job.


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  1. I’m enjoying the show (honest) and on the safety side, what I’ve seen so far beats the lack of safety I see daily, while visiting home renovation job sites unannounced.

    In one show contestants were on the roof repairing a hole, yet everyone was wearing PPE like anchor points, lifelines, rope grabs, lanyards and body harnesses. This is required under the various Occupation Health & Safety Acts across Canada. I even heard Rob scream at one contestant about their lack of safety!

    I think the TV show sends out the right message to homeowners and hopefully they’ll be looking for contractors who wear safety equipment, like hard hats, safety glasses, PPE, who do not climb to the top few steps of a stepladder and more. Top notch guys.

    Finally Rob & Steve, you both in front of the CC camera trading quips are the new Ron McLean & Don Cherry. Fantastic!!!!

    Alec Caldwell
    CARAHS (Canadian Association of Renovators And Home Services)

    CARAHS is a non-profit organization who provides the self-employed with education, training & other tools to protect them from the risk of fines, job site closures & prosecution under the OHSA.
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