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Building your employee loyalty: lessons from WestJet

If you can learn from anywhere, learn from WestJet

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November 5, 2012 by Robert Koci

When you are keen to learn, you can learn from just about anyone anywhere. Well, take a lesson from WestJet on building employee loyalty. The company has shown dramatic growth over its short life and on of the reasons is its passion for making it a place where people want to work.  The company made this video recently to highlight its commitment to its employees and also to allow its employees to show their commitment to the company.

Every player in the video is an employee of WestJet, and the video was the child of the WestJet team.

Robert Koci

Robert Koci

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1 Comment » for Building your employee loyalty: lessons from WestJet
  1. I had the fortunate experience to build a resort home for one the now retired original owners of Westjet.
    He was instrumental in developing the Westjet ” culture ” and my company benefited in many ways from that experience. Building Resort homes I quickly realized that I was in the service industry much more that I was in the building industry. I had many one on one conversations with the my client and I was able to the clearly define direction our company was taking.
    One of most important lessons was to ” Treat my employees like my best customers” ( A Westjet Motto ) . It was very important that I had my employees represent me on the jobsites as well as at the resort. Creating an positive build experience for my clients was very important.

    My company already had a good culture but this experience defined what that culture was.