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Busting Myths About Skylights, Part 5 (VIDEO): Training



Rob Koci continues his discussion with skylight experts Mark Taylor and Russell Ibbotson from VELUX. This episode talks about the VELUX Installers Program (VIP).

Installing the right type of skylight, in the best location(s), the right way, requires training.

VELUX began training Canadian contractors on skylight installation some 15 years ago. Since that time, VELUX has evolved its training so that, today, contractors are getting a lot more information and technical assistance in installing skylights the right way.

The training is part of the VELUX Installers Program (VIP).


The program not only teaches contractors how to problem install great skylights that don’t leak, it also teaches how to do so, perfectly, in less time. In the VIP program, contractors will learn how skylights should be integrated into existing building systems. And contractors will learn how to have the right conversations with potential clients about skylight choices – “at the kitchen table,” as VELUX’s Mark Taylor puts it.

To find out more about the VELUX Installers Program, click here.

If you have any questions about skylights that aren’t answered in this series of videos, please direct them to He will pass them onto Mark and Russell at VELUX for a fast reply.


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