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Busting Myths About Skylights (VIDEO): Part 1

Rob Koci interviews Mark Taylor and Russel Ibbotson from VELUX about how the company has developed a loyal contractor following by taking the fear out of skylight installation.

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April 2, 2018 by Steve Payne

Your customer wants some skylights. You cringe. You’re worried about those skylights leaking – some time in the future – and how you’ll be getting callbacks long after you’ve moved onto other projects.

Don’t worry. Top quality skylights – like those manufactured by VELUX – if installed correctly will work perfectly for years and years. Happy customer, happy contractor.

In this video, Rob Koci talks to two skylight experts from VELUX, Mark Taylor and Russel Ibbotson, about how the company has been able to develop a loyal contractor following by providing a top quality product and all the information needed to do the installation right the first time.

This is the first part of our Light Is Good: Busting Myths About Skylights series.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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1 Comment » for Busting Myths About Skylights (VIDEO): Part 1
  1. Ron Gauthier says:

    We are a Velux certified installer and have been installing their products for 50 years. Based on the quality of their products and our experience with them, they are the only skylights and sun tunnels that we will install. We want the best for our customers and, in my professional opinion, there is absolutely no question that Velux is the best.

    Ron Gauthier
    Gauthier Roofing and Siding