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Busting Myths About Skylights (VIDEO): Part 4



Rob Koci continues his discussion with skylight experts Mark Taylor and Russell Ibbotson from VELUX. This episode talks about the link between customer satisfaction and profitability.

“As a contractor, what’s the best way to make sure I’m making money on a skylight project?”

That’s the question that Rob Koci asks, on behalf of Canadian Contractor’s readers, at the beginning of this video.

VELUX’s Mark Taylor replies that contractor profitability is, not surprisingly, all about homeowner satisfaction.


“The contractor needs to make sure the homeowner is getting the right product for the application,” Mark says. “And on a larger renovation project, make sure that skylights are introduced into the conversation early – in the design phase.”

Russell points out that contractor and homeowner discussions around price points are made easier by the wide range of VELUX products. VELUX offers skylights all the way from fixed units that do not open to remote control venting units that can open and close automatically according to the weather.

Avoiding call backs is a question of using the right trades. The VELUX Installers Program recognizes that there are differences in skills between roofers working on the outside of the house and renovation specialists working on the inside. Under the program, VELUX will train both sets of skilled trades to ensure a quality installation. The program also offers sales training for those sitting at the kitchen table with the homeowner. Understanding the product range and the benefits allows for a more informed conversation and a greater likelihood of upgrading the sale.

This concludes our 4 part Busting Myths About Skylights series.

If you have any questions, please direct them to, who can also direct them to VELUX for a fast response from Mark and Russell.


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