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Coaches Corner (VIDEO): "There is no deficiency list!"

Robert Koci   

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What happens when you decide there will be no deficiency list? It changes everything and makes you much more profitable.

One of our presenters at our recent Reno Summit 2013 seminars, Tim Faller, president of Field Training Services at Remodelers Advantage, has a unique take on how to get rid of the dreaded deficiency list.

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4 Comments » for Coaches Corner (VIDEO): "There is no deficiency list!"
  1. Steve says:

    I would agree with this. By having a punch list it also gives the client a reason to go over everything with a fine toothed comb and they will proably find more items that they would otherwise not notice.

    It forces me also to finish he litle details as the come up which saves more time later since I don’t have to bring alll my tools back to finish those little items.

  2. Lisa Martin says:

    Reading this post reminded me of when I first started my home renovation business and was often overwhelmed by endless deficiency lists. Tim Faller’s perspective is truly revolutionary and resonates with my own journey toward profitability. The Reno Summit 2013 undoubtedly offered valuable insights that can transform the way we approach remodeling projects, making me wish I had such insights when I was starting out.

  3. What an enlightening perspective from Tim Faller on remodeling efficiency; his innovative stance against deficiency lists is a testament to the potential for evolving industry standards. His philosophy may very well incite a revolution, propelling a more profitable, less stressful remodeling environment. The willingness to explore such unconventional strategies shows the progressive character of the Reno Summit, promising dynamic dialogues on traditional practices.

  4. I had the privilege of attending the Reno Summit 2013 and hearing Tim Faller speak about this innovative approach. His perspective on eliminating the deficiency list has completely transformed my own contracting business and the positive results have been astounding. The shift in focus towards proactive problem solving has not only improved our profitability, but it has also increased client satisfaction exponentially.

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