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Coaches Corner (VIDEO): How to stay FOCUSED as a professional renovator

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Focus comes from having distinct goals for your renovation business. Useful goals can be related to (1) Hours worked (2) Revenue and (3) Profitability.

In this edition of Coaches Corner, Rob Koci asks Mike Draper of Renovantage how contractors can stay FOCUSED. This business has a million moving parts – and there are endless distractions. How can you keep your targets right in the middle of your gunsights?

Mike replies that FOCUS comes from having clear, definite goals.

And Mike says that his members at Renovantage are encouraged to set their own business goals.

His members tend to set goals around


(1) Hours worked

(2) Revenue

(3) Profits

Mike recommends that contractors set very clearly-defined goals in at least one of these three areas. Only then can you stay focused – having a target to aim at.




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1 Comment » for Coaches Corner (VIDEO): How to stay FOCUSED as a professional renovator
  1. Dave Bennett says:

    Love then quick reminder videos Mike. Keep them up please.
    So right to keep the hours goal in mind especially during this busy season.


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