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Coaches' Corner VIDEO: Solving problems with the homeowner, Part 2

Robert Koci   

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Whenever there's a glitch, a screw-up, or a surprise on a renovation project, it's tempting to forge right on with a solution that you, the renovator, thinks will work. But you need to make sure the client agrees with the changes you are going to make to the plans, to the schedule or to the finished look. Watch the video for more.

In this week’s video, Contractor Coach Mike Draper ( continues his talk about “problem solving” with Canadian Contractor’s Rob Koci.  As Mike says in the video, one of the worst things you can do, when there’s a screw-up or a glitch on a customer’s renovation, is to forge right in with what YOU think is the right solution for the client, without finding out if they think it’s an adequate way around the issue.  “Make sure you get ALL the options out on the table,” Mike says. “Evaluate ALL the alternatives. Make sure you both agree of what the best solution to the problem is.”





Watch the video here.

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