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Slamming the Ontario College of Trades: VIDEO

Robert Koci   

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Sean Reid of responds to Ron Johnson of the Ontario College of Trades

Is the proposed fee structure for the Ontario College of Trades, set to take effect in the New Year, a tax? Is the College a threat to all trades, even the ones who aren’t, at the moment, required by law to join? What will the impact be to the construction industry? Sean Reid, spokesperson for the Ontario Construction Employers Coalition, which wants the College shut down, responds to our previous interview with Ron Johnson of the Ontario College of Trades.

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  1. Robert Koci says:

    The website address for the Ontario Construction Empooyers Coalitiion is

  2. Ken says:

    As an electrician I am bond by the rules and regulations of the Electrical Safety Authority.
    I am also bond by contract to only work under an Master Electrician, any failure to so would result my license being revoked.
    Also the new public registry is posting my name and this is with out my consent for the benefit of the public. If this is the case then the public needs to pay for that service and I need to be paid for the use of my name.
    Further more the contract that I have with the province as been moved to reflect a sharp fee increase for proposed benefits. This move was done with out my consent or acceptance. I have sent back my invoice with a counter offer that reflects the original contract and I am refusing to consent to the membership application as it is written and have changed the wording to protect myself from violation and extortion from the College.

  3. Dan says:

    All you trades persons with actual certificates, I believe will be rewarded once the immigrants are prevented from entering the country on temporary work permits.
    The price of any commodity is based on supply and demand and if you are certified, your on the list for a higher wage.
    If one of your goals in life is too create a good income sign on the dotted line and pay the price…..of course, you have to as any skilled person be qualified and that is the problem that I believe, many do not want to commit to.
    I read about $150 per year fees, what is $150 a year…peanuts, how much do you spend on coffee at Timmies a year… $800 possibly more, or cigarettes at ??? per day. Coffee + cigarettes + beer=how much compared to what you spend on courses to learn per year. Ask yourself, how much did you spend in time and money, actually invest on being skilled as you say you are.
    I hear over and over about trades persons performing below standard work…possibly time to sift through the whole crop, blow off the the chaff, and hold onto the good grain.

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