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Drop your lumber package on the dumpster? Yes!

Robert Koci   

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A simple, cheap way to make the life of your framers a lot easier

This contractor had the lumber package delivered to the top of his used dumpster!! Just make sure they don’t take the dumpster away early.

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2 Comments » for Drop your lumber package on the dumpster? Yes!
  1. Steven Charzewski says:

    Why is it that out of all of your magazine issues that I have read not one of your company stories is from an owner in Winnipeg or Manitoba? Surely there must be a company worthwhile somewhere in Manitoba that could answer some of your questions.You never know someone from here might have a different perspective on things such as the reno economy or the trades shortage plight. I won`t hold my breath after all Mr. Holmes won`t even come here to do any shows, he`ll go to Alberta but not here, so I won`t expect to see anything from you guys in the near future. We are only the geographical center of Canada with a wholesale market surely there must be something here that would warrant a challenge to writers for a big time magazine like yourself. I will keep reading however biased.

    J Carpenter

    • Robert Koci says:

      It’s not like we don’t want to write about contractors in Manitoba, but we have been sucked into the vortex of Ontario because of the controversy over WSIB and the Trades Tax. In fact I recently did a seminar for one of Manitoba’s own, Brian Baker, a frequent reader and contributor to Canadian Contractor. We tried to run a Reno Summit in Winnipeg last year, but couldn’t get the body count we needed to make it viable. (We got seven registrations, where in Calgary and Vancouver we got over 30).
      Better better than fight over this, tell me your story in an email ( and we’ll consider it.

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