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Excel Homes, Calgary, gives royal treatment to their 10,000th single family home customer

Barrett Budgell, a single father of 4-year old twin boys, didn't know what a nice surprise was waiting for him when he bought the 10,000th single-family home constructed by Excel Homes, Calgary. The home, in Cochrane, Alta., came with some extra added features added just for Barrett and his kids - including $10,000 in education funding for the twins. Nice.

October 20, 2014
By Steve Payne
Steve Payne

When Barrett Budgell, a single father of two 4-year-old boys, showed up to take possession of his brand new home in the community of Heartland, Cochrane, Alta., he had no idea what a great surprise the builder, Excel Homes, had in store for him.

As shown in this video, Excel Homes’ president showed up, unexpectedly, to hand Barrett a $10,000 cheque to start an education fund for Barrett’s kids. In addition, the builder had sodded Barrett’s property, built a fort/slide/playset in the back yard for the boys, constructed a 12′ x 12′ deck, and installed a high-end stainless steel BBQ. All of this generosity was to celebrate this particular property being Excel Homes’ 10,000th single family home.

Excel Homes was founded in Calgary in 1988. It was a joint venture between, at the time, two large Calgary homebuilder firms who were looking to make their mark with a special division doing entry level single family homes.

Since then, Excel has gone on to win many awards for homebuilding excellence – and has racked up some impressive numbers building environmentally-sustainable homes, under the Built Green Canada label (Green Seal in Ontario), an eco-housing brand that has certified some 21,500 homes in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario.  Excel has built some 2,600 Built Green Homes.