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(VIDEO) Coach's Corner with Mike Draper: How to handle work crunches in busy season

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If you're a good contractor, and you're in a good marketplace, you should be at your busiest time of the year right now. Contractor coach Mike Draper ( talks about how to use busy times to structure your business properly for the future.

In this video, Mike Draper, our contractor coach (VP of, talks to publisher Rob Koci about how to take advantage of the busy times right now to restructure your business the right way.

The renovations industry is a $64-billion industry in Canada – more money flowing in our industry than in new homes.

If you’re good, you’ll be busy right now.

Consequently, you may be not feel you can make the changes to enable your business to take on more work in the future – you are too busy with the jobs you already have. But the cash flow is usually there, when you get busy, to make these changes, Mike argues.


“A lot of contractors will just say, ‘OK, how will I find a way to put in more work,’ Mike says. But just working harder is not going to provide the long term results you want, on the bottom line.  Mike recommends that you hire the extra help you need to get you off the tools all day long (if that’s where you are still at) freeing you, the owner, to do the planning, the selling, and all the other “big picture” tasks that will truly grow your firm over the long haul, not just in “busy” times like this.

It’s all about getting the right people to work on your projects and in your business, getting some systems in place, and above all, recognizing that there is a plateau beyond which you can’t grow your business if you insist on doing everything yourself, or in micromanaging every project.



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