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(VIDEO) Ontario College of Trades: Licensed plumber Garfield Dunlop MPP hammers the Liberals on union bias

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Ontario's Liberal government, re-elected with a 9-seat majority, came under fire from Garfield Dunlop, skilled trades critic for the PC party, during today's question period at Queen's Park. Dunlop alleges a pro-union bias and a conflict on interest involving the Ontario College of Trades

The Ontario College of Trades and the Liberal-directed appointments to its journeyman/apprentice ratio-review panels come under fire from Garfield Dunlop, the licensed plumber and MPP from Simcoe North.

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4 Comments » for (VIDEO) Ontario College of Trades: Licensed plumber Garfield Dunlop MPP hammers the Liberals on union bias
  1. Dean Kadikoff says:

    These MPP’s (Reza Moridi and previously Brad Duguid) need to get their heads out of their arses and stop shovelling the bullshit.

    Where do they get this stuff? “Tradespeople love the college of trades” I for one (among many that I know) detest this boondoggle college. “Tradespeople now have an opportunity to control their own trade”, Bullshit. As a boots on the ground tradesperson, I don’t get a vote or say on anything the college does. The appointed/unelected individuals at the helm at the college are the ones making these decisions. Give me a vote on everything that is to be decided and then I would agree with this oh so wrong statement. As it is, the decisions being made are to the benefit the respective industry being big business, corporations and unions, We as boots on the ground tradespersons aren’t even thought of or considered important players when they make their decisions.

    These MPPs are getting this stuff from the heads at the college and are believing and accepting it to be truth. Get your heads out of your arses and ask those that this money pit affects most, the boots on the ground tradesperson.

  2. Questo says:

    I guess its time for trades compulsory and none compulsory people to strike Province wide. Once this none democratic college of traitors and their side politicians still on their elusion.

    How can be justified, inspectors working for this college of treats gets around 80k plus 4 week vacation pay just to check if compulsory trades people have their paper update. This insane bullshit have to stop, time for the big shack up, to force the Liberals to fix their wrong pass deeds.

    Only stupid politicians can’t see what this college really stands for.

  3. What do we expect from the Ontario Liberal minister in charge of the OCOT, Reza Moridi, as he chooses to ignore the question on the floor asked of him about the latest conflict of interest at OCOT (Ontario College of Trades)
    There has never been truer words spoken than in another article in the Canadian Contractor written by editor Steve Payne, who describes democracy inside OCOT as liking it to Kim Jong-un listening to his destitute people in North Korea.
    Ontario trades people are forced to pay fees into OCOT and yet they have no voice or representation. OCOT direction comes from within and they are called unions.
    The day the Liberals, the carpenters union and OCOT unleash their nuclear bomb on the Ontario renovation industry and the general construction industry, will start the decline of the independent self employed non union home renovator and towards their extinction.
    Extinction may take time, but when the penny finally drops, homeowners will only realize then, to late, they’ve been duped and now it takes around 7 unionized workers to renovate their bathroom and at huge cost.
    The fuse is set, the Liberals have been re elected, so let the games begin and allow OCOT to expand its tentacles of hiring more bureaucrats, increase the sizes of their University Ave office, increase their incomes, put in place great pensions, add an amazing health care plan and line their pockets with golden nuggets.
    Kim Jong-un democracy is now here in Ontario under the banner called OCOT. What a charade of smoke and mirrors!
    Alec Caldwell

    Founder CARAHS

    (Canadian Association of Renovators And Home Service)

    Passion – Commitment – CARAHS

  4. Ben says:

    To get Ontario out of a union controlled government: solution.
    1. Pass a law restricting unions from political contributions.
    2. Make joining a union voluntary not mandatory.
    3. Have the College of Trades run by elected members governed by the OGCA or similar.
    This liberal govt is all about control. They weave there people into schools, lobbying groups, policing, law to mention a few. They’re buying there way in all aspects of our lives, personally and professionally. Looks like they’ve been reading the Godfather Pt 1-3. It’s no longer about olive oil.

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