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Go Rici Construct Canada Reno Roundtable: Part 2

Robert Koci   

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Who is the bigger danger to the renovation industry, the guy with the fancy website or the guy working for cash?

Reiner Hoyer says says it’s the contractor with the shiny shoes and the fancy car that gives the industry a bad name. Chris Potts says it’s the cash contractor working out of his van.

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  1. It is easy to say that the contractor left something out that he knew would be necessary later. This is disingenuous, hindsight is not the same as foresight. There may have been half a dozen conditions that the contractor suspects might occur. How can he justify charging for these possible conditions when they may not be necessary. If he does charge for them and the next contractor doesn’t put them in the original quote and the homeowner is interested in price, we all know who he is going to choose, not the contractor who was charging for what might occur.

  2. Ivan Stolin says:

    Absolutely agree with Dennis! And going back to the headline of this article fancy cars and shiny shoes are not real indicators of contractor’s ability to perform at top level!

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