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Home Hardware Site Tips #18: Benefits of additional service panels on upper floors of a house (VIDEO)

In fact, this house built by Hugh Yalden of Harvest Home Restorations, Toronto, has THREE service panels. Huge explains why...

There are GREAT reasons to install a second – or even a third – electrical service panel in a new build. Placing an additional service panel on an upper floor, feeding back to the main panel (say in the basement) is a genius idea.

In this video, Rob Koci of CANADIAN CONTRACTOR talks about this method of wiring a house with Hugh Yalden, owner of Harvest Home Restorations, Toronto.

The 5,600 square feet home that Hugh recently built, feature no less than three service panels: one main 200 amp service in the basement and two auxiliary 100 amp services on upper floors.


This method reduces the amount of cabling in the house by one third, Hugh says. The savings in labour were substantial. And it’s easier for the homeowner to access a service panel on an upper floor, too. The electrical inspector who approved Hugh’s electrician’s work said he wondered why more contractors don’t go to this configuration. It just makes so much sense!



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