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Home Hardware Site Tips #19: Adding manifolds for more control of your plumbing system (VIDEO)

Robert Koci   


"Circular pipe manifolds make the plumbing system simpler, more responsive and easier to maintain."

In this video, Rob Koci of CANADIAN CONTRACTOR talks about the ring manifolds Hugh Yalden, owner of Toronto company Harvest Home Restorations and builder of this house, installed in the plumbing system to make the overall installation simpler and maintenance for the homeowner easier.

“One of the reasons for a manifold like this,” says Yalden, “is that it gives you an even distribution of flow. If you had a fixture at the end of a straight manifold, that fixture may not be getting enough flow if other fixtures are running at the same time.”

In addition, Yalden has installed a pump that continually circulates hot water to all the circular manifolds in the system, thereby ensuring the homeowner gets almost instantaneous hot water at every fixture. The pump is also programable so the circulation occurs only at high usage times.


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