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How does a video like this get over 30,000 views!!

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November 27, 2012 by Robert Koci

No offense to this guy, really, but how do five tips on bathroom renos that start with “Make sure you have a really, really good plan” get 30,162 hits? How desperate can we be for tips?

I waited patiently for the “big one.” You know, that killer tip that even missed. Or maybe the guy in the video trips on a toilet flange, or someone tags him with a blow torch. But nope, just five tips and a talking head.

Tip number two: “when it comes to demolition, make sure you have given yourself enough ventilation to keep the dust down.”

Whaa? That’s a tip?

On to tip number three: “Make sure you fixtures match.” Shoot me now!!

I shouldn’t be so critical, so I’ll say also that if this video is gonna get 30,000 hits, maybe it’s time you pulled out the video camera and shoot some stuff that puts you in front of your customer.

ps: Tip number five: Make sure your contractor has a license. Wow.



Robert Koci

Robert Koci

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