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The March to Net Zero Energy Building: Episode 1 (VIDEO)

An interview with Gary Meine, architectural technologist for NUDURA, manufacturer of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

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March 26, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Building codes across Canada are requiring increasingly energy-efficient methods of residential construction. Much of this trend stems from the Federal Government’s official policy to make all new houses in Canada “Net Zero Energy Ready” (NZEr) by the year 2030.

2030 is only a dozen years away. And the building codes – if Ottawa is serious – are going to change in ways that make advanced training in building envelopes absolutely essential.

It’s time we all looked closer at this “March to Net Zero.”

We invited one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), NUDURA, to give us some guidance.

In this first episode, Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci talks with Gary Meine, NUDURA architectural technologist, about Net Zero, Passive Houses, LEED and more…




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