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The March to Net Zero Energy Building: Episode 2 (VIDEO)



Canada is headed toward a Net Zero Energy future when it comes to building envelopes. Do you understand how much this will change the way you build? Watch this video to learn more.

Building codes across Canada are rapidly changing to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. Codes are headed to extreme energy-efficiency. After all, Ottawa has said that all new homes in Canada must be built to a Net Zero Energy Ready (NZEr) standard by 2030.

Very few contractors understand how dramatically this will change the way they build.

Canadian Contractor invited one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), NUDURA, to give contractors some solid advice on the changes to come, via videos.


In this second video of the series, Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci continues his discussion with Gary Meine, NUDURA architectural technologist, about “The March to Net Zero.”

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