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Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak: We will abolish the Ontario College of Trades

In this video, Ontario PC leader stands alongside licensed plumber and PC skilled trades critic Garfield Dunlop in pledging to abolish the Ontario College of Trades, if the PCs are elected.

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May 5, 2014 by Steve Payne

Editor’s Note:  Canadian Contractor recorded this video at a press conference by Ontario PC leader and PC skilled trades critic Garfield Dunlop (a licensed plumber) on April 8th.  That day marked the one year anniversary of the Ontario College of Trades beginning its “enforcement” activities against non-OCOT-member contractors.

Now that Ontario election is underway, we thought it would be good for our readers to see and hear, first hand, the PC commitment to abolish the Ontario College of Trades and a brief explanation of why the PCs want to do that.

“The (Ontario) College of Trades is a brand new bureaucracy that is standing in the way of jobs and opportunities – and that’s why it needs to go,” Hudak says here. “It’s unfortunate that (Ontario Liberal premier) Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horvath of the NDP are standing with the special interests and preventing young people from getting into jobs. My million jobs plan will help to create those jobs by eliminating the College of Trades. (It is) an important part of my legislation. Unfortunately the Liberals and the NDP voted it down. It would create 200,000 good apprenticeship jobs and clear the way for high-paying middle class jobs that are also highly entrepreneurial. Odds are, as you know, if you become a carpenter or a plumber or an electrician, you’ll start your own business. You hire more people, who will get experience, and the cycle continues again.”

“So, ask yourself, who benefits from this so-called College of Trades? Well, it’s a union leader named Pat Dillon. You know him, he runs the Liberals’ negative-ad machine as chair of the Working Families Coalition. And he has a stronger bargaining position when there’s a shortage of tradespeople… The Premier may be comfortable with that, but I’m not.”


Steve Payne

Steve Payne

Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine

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8 Comments » for Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak: We will abolish the Ontario College of Trades
  1. JIm says:

    I like to know what he is going to do about the WSIB rip off. Sole proprietors only need one insurance , private, not a government forced insurance we will never collect on.

    • Rob says:

      Let’s hope some WSIB common sense reform is also on his agenda.

      Just getting rid of these thieving Ontario Liberals will be a good start, I remember smiling from ear to ear when I heard we’re going to the polls.
      I feel sorry for the fool campaigning Liberal who dares knock on my door, but my 4×8 PC lawn sign should be a clue .

  2. Oleber says:

    I believe, The PC if wins the election, will abolish all the none sense dilemma found collection agencies, Including, OCOT and the ECRA too.
    Allowing certified people to be what they went for it, certified means competent to perform their careers either compulsory or voluntary. In the electrical career, the ecra license is a lease in top of the certification, another money making machine.

    Further more, there are trades which don’t need to be certified, should be not forced to became certified just to please the OCOT monetary venture.

    The Liberals love to feed none sense ventures, cisco and the other computer tech, many millions of dollars of our tax, to help their business set up.

    In the other hand destroying all small business and trades on this Province.
    Miss management of public founds to the point of scandals never seem before,
    and no shame whatsoever, in doing that. Hope they loose this election to the third place, and Miss, bla bla loose heir ridding too.

  3. Bob2 says:

    where is the full version of this video?

  4. Merv Snyder says:

    Glad to hear there are those in Ontario coming to their senses and wanting to abolish the Ontario Collage of Trades , Here’s hopping the PC’s win .

  5. Brian says:

    All this talk of of voting Conservative is putting a very large tear in my eye, gentlemen. It’s wonderful to see Canadian democracy in action.
    It’s very inspiring to see honest, grass roots journalism making a difference in our politics and lifting up our fellow man/woman.
    Excellent job, Rob, Steve and all those involved in these commentaries. You are making a monumental difference in how the residential construction industry views and operates themselves. The freedom you are about to gain from the political changes you are enacting will benefit your children’s children. We always need to stay on it.
    My kudos to this this magazine and it’s editors. But, also, never let your foot off the pedal.

  6. Joe DeBraga says:

    Future is getting dimmer in our industry. Its time to fight back.

    ” If you think your too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito! “