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The Road to NetZero (5): Building curved walls with ICFs (VIDEO)



There are two ways to build curved walls with NUDURA ICFs. This short 5 minute video explains how it's done.

In this video, Gary Meine, architectural technologist with NUDURA, explains to Rob Koci how curved walls can be easily built with ICFs (insulated concrete forms).

There are basically two ways to build a curved ICF wall.

(1) NUDURA can custom supply your ICFs to your specified curved wall dimensions. They will need the form width (say, 6 inches), the radius of the curve, and the length or degrees of curve. They will supply you ICF blocks that are custom cut – with interlocking inner panels – to your specifications.


(2) Even if you choose not to order the custom product, NUDURA ICFs can be easily cut for curved walls by the contractor, on site. Using NUDURA’s curved wall charts, the contractor can use a simple hand saw to make the necessary vertical cuts on the inside EPS foam panel and then bend the outside panel as necessary. Kerf cuts can be made on the inside of the exterior panel for curvatures of tighter radius.

There are many reasons to use ICF panels. The ability to cut them on site – or custom order them from NUDURA – for curved walls, are just one advantage among many.

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