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The Way to L.E.E.D.: Interview with NUDURA, Episode 4

In this short video, Canadian Contractor's Rob Koci and Gary Meine from NUDURA discuss the LEED sustainable building standard - and how ICFs can be help a builder to achieve a LEED certification

June 8, 2018
By Steve Payne

In this short video, Gary Meine, architectural technologist for ICF manufacturer NUDURA, explains LEED to residential contractors who may not be familiar with this ultra-environmental building standard.

As Gary tells Rob Koci, while standards like Net Zero Energy focus on measuring energy production and consumption, LEED tends to look at the environment as a whole.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. While LEED is well-established as a commercial building standard in Canada, it has been slower to penetrate the residential homes industry. But it is happening.


Gary explains how ICFs can help a building to qualify as a LEED-certified project.

For example, reducing waste during construction leads to significant LEED “points.” A traditional stick-frame house might see 20 per cent or higher material waste. An ICF house can reduce that waste to a few percentage points.

Additionally, an ICF-built house can allow the builder to downsize the HVAC system, again leading to more LEED points than a larger system.

For more information on LEED, please contact the Canada Green Building Council.



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