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The White Knight's triumph

Robert Koci   

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We follow up on our December 2011 issue story of the project that the experts said couldn't, or shouldn't, be done

The White Knight story of Jerry Stockla, president, Newteck Construction, in Canadian Contractor’s December, 2011 issue told of a homeowner who had gone through two contractors and $70,000 with nothing to show for his new home project. (You can read the original story here.) As the third contractor to be hired on a failing project, Stockla knew he was putting his company’s existence on the line to help out and all the experts in our story agreed. They said the situation was a disaster waiting to happen for any contractor foolish enough to step in. Stockla stepped in anyway, and now it looks like his gamble is paying off. He talks to Canadian Contractor’s Heidi Filici about how the project went and the lessons he learned from it. (To read the original story, click here then go to ‘Archives,’ then ‘2011,’ then ‘December’ issue.)

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