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VIDEO: In a dispute about a tile or marble installation? Call these experts for a third party opinion

TTMAC, the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC), will send an expert to inspect your tile installation if you have a quality dispute with a homeowner

March 13, 2014
By Robert Koci
Robert Koci

In this video, Glen Pestrin, CEO of York Marble, Tile and Terrazzo, talks about the organization of which he is treasurer: TTMAC (Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada).

If you are a contractor who ever has to install a “hard surface” (who among generals or renovators hasn’t?) it’s worthwhile taking the 5 minutes it will take to watch this video.

Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci interviews Glen about the various things that TTMAC does for the industry to maintain high quality among tile installers.

There are just so many new products coming on the market almost daily. “Tiles are getting bigger and bigger, thinner and thinner,” Glen says. “New thinsets are coming onto the market.” It’s important to understand the specifications for installing hard surfaces properly. TTMAC has those specifications and is the overseer of the Red Seal certification standards in Canada.

TTMAC will send someone out to do a third party evaluation – even if you aren’t a TTMAC member – if you have a quality-control dispute with a homeowner or client concerning tile, marble or terrazzo.

They also have Tile 101, Marble 101 and Terrazzo 101 videos available on their website.


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