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VIDEO: Contractor Coach Mike Draper's best solution to our "Family Business" conflict-of-interest challenge

Steve Payne   

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Conflicts of interest created by personal relationships are common in family contracting business. See how Mike Draper would solve this particular one.

In this video clip, our resident contractor coach Mike Draper ( is asked by Rob Koci how he would recommend handling a common “contractor family business” dilemma:  conflicts of interest created by personal relationships.

In this case, we asked Mike how he would handle the potential conflicts created by a renovation company owner’s daughter (the fictional Jim Taylor) dating the owner’s highly-competent lead carpenter. Jim decides to bring the daughter INTO the business, whereas she had not been involved in the day-to-day before.

It might sound like a Harlequin Romance, but we’ve had a record number of posts about this intriguing (and fictional) situation on our website.  To see the original post on this, click here.  You can give us your own “best solution” and possibly win a $100 gas card.