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VIDEO: Flip School's Ian Szabo talks about keeping a positive mindset when renovating

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Keeping your cool under pressure in this crazy business of renovating houses is a matter of learning to "hit the reset button" in your own head, Ian Szabo advises.

Ian Szabo, who runs the fascinating (and enriching) Flip School in the Toronto area, talks to Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci about keeping a positive mindset when renovating.

We all know this is a stressful, sometimes crazy-making business. Clients can be impossible. Deadlines can be crushing. Trades can be unreliable. There is always something lurking beneath that drywall that, when you rip it open, you didn’t allow for – and the clock is always ticking.

Yet, Ian tells us, the business of renovation contracting is, above all, a mental challenge.

As he explains, you can learn to hit The Reset Button when things begin to go sideways, you can always get through any difficulties the day throws at you.


Ian’s buy-renovate-and-sell “school” (not a classroom situation, but small groups who get their instruction on-site at Szabo’s projects) can be registered for at



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