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VIDEO: Three ways the Reno Coach does due diligence on contractors

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In this video clip, Reiner Hoyer talks about three ways that he checks up on contractors before he advises his clients whether they are worth hiring.

After coming to Canada from Germany in the early 1980s, Reiner Hoyer has established a solid reputation in Toronto as The Reno Coach (“A Trusted Renovation Guru on Your Side”). He helps homeowners to find the right contractor, negotiates the contract with them, and then rides herd on the contractor all the way through the job.

Hoyer knows what he’s talking about. Before branding himself as The Reno Coach, Hoyer had a career as very successful renovation contractor, builder and real estate investor.

If the thought of a tough-talking, sometimes blunt man like Reiner Hoyer beating you up on price, quality and punctuality on your next job freaks you out, take heart. Reiner can be your advocate too. His business also offers coaching for contractors (“Is Your Business Crashing Down Around You?”) and he knows his numbers. See The Reno Coach website for more info.

In this video clip, Reiner talks to me about three ways that he checks up on contractors before he advises whether or not his homeowner customer should sign a contract with them.


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