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VIDEO: Rob talks to Steve about “Blood, Sweat and Tools,” Episode 4

Steve Payne   


Another excerpt from the funny stuff going on Monday nights on the new TV show "Blood, Sweat and Tools"

In this video, Steve talks to Rob (who now is becoming increasingly hard to work with, now that he’s a big TV star) about the Discovery Channel’s “Blood, Sweat & Tools.”

The show is on Mondays at 11 pm, Eastern Time, or your equivalent. We can’t believe people will watch Robbo (who is a co-host/judge) at 12.30 in the morning in Newfoundland. But apparently this show is doing real well. Go figure.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, watch the video for a trailer. As you can see, “Blood, Sweat & Tools” shows a bunch of couples trying to complete home improvement projects while insulting and berating each other. The men lose 75 per cent of the time – sort of like the Leafs. It’s sort of like “Everybody Loves Raymond” except Ray Romano lost 100 per cent of the time. Anyway, this show is waaaayyyy funnier. I think. Have a look for yourself.





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1 Comment » for VIDEO: Rob talks to Steve about “Blood, Sweat and Tools,” Episode 4
  1. Hi Steve & Rob,
    I call you guys the Don McLean and Don Cherry when you both get in front of the camera. I enjoyed watching you both and laugh at the banter between you.

    We have been following the show Rob. The couple you showed in this clip repairing the roof, I think they are great to watch.

    Sometimes I wish real contractors out there took a page out of the safety side of your show. On the roof the contestants were tied done and this is a great message to send out . As far as I’m concerned, this makes you a number #1 show.

    Alec Caldwell
    CARAHS (Canadian Association of Renovators an Home Services)

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