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(VIDEO) Rob and Steve riff about the WSIB's $400k boss hoping for a $400k bonus and other stuff

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While many of you are being forced into paying into WSIB for the first time in your lives, the top dog at Ontario's government-run workplace insurance fund is hoping to get a $400,000 bonus (on top of his $400,000 annual salary) for coming up with this plan - and others.

I. David Marshall, president and CEO of Ontario’s WSIB, is entering the fifth and final year of his contract. He hopes to earn $800,000 in the next 12 months – his $400,000 base salary and a $400,000 performance bonus.

Why is he very likely to get that extra $400,000? Because his contract says that if he meets certain performance criteria (“efficiencies,” reduce the WSIB’s “unfunded liability,” etc.) he will get that cheque.

Mr. Marshall ought to be very confident about cashing in.  Bill 119, which a year ago extended mandatory WSIB coverage to tens of thousands of independent operators who had previously been exempt, is going to add hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues to the WSIB’s coffers.

Elizabeth Witmer, the WSIB Chair, recently told Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance that Bill 119 is expected to round up between 50,000 to 90,000 additional WSIB payees. That might be you, reading this. How do you feel about being sucked into WSIB payments you’ve never had to make before, to give you the right to make claims that you don’t want to make – probably won’t make – and in many cases CAN’T make – to help a senior government bureaucrat to pocket almost a million dollars in the last year of his well-padded term of office?


This is not a personal attack on Mr. Marshall. As Rob says in the video, there is not one contractor who wouldn’t like to be appointed to such a gloriously-paid office job. Mr. Marshall has served this country in various capacities as a senior government official and for a man who started off hauling bags of mail for Canada Post (here in Don Mills, Ont., near our offices) he has made the most of his CGA accountancy designation, apparent work ethic and undoubted integrity.

But, seriously, is there something wrong with this picture?


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2 Comments » for (VIDEO) Rob and Steve riff about the WSIB's $400k boss hoping for a $400k bonus and other stuff
  1. Jacques N. Arbic says:

    The CEO of WSIB is just another no heart no soul executive looking for a big bonus on the backs of Mr. Public.
    These CEO’s only see, think and dream green. They are a curse to small business.

  2. Berto Rebelo says:

    I think the CEO of WSIB is only looking for his big fat check.
    Where is the freedom of choose for people, to chose either private
    insurance or WSIB.

    Apparently this none sense of WSIB is in violation of the freedom act like so many other passed by theses so called liberals.

    But the interesting part is: how these bills have been approved by the higher ups.
    Forcing everyone which does work for another to have WSIB, in exchange for
    this CEO, may will get 400 K in bonus.

    This clear shown how wrong this government is and have been to create jobs
    in this Province. This is an abuse of power clear show the goal isn’t to fix things
    in a prosper way, but to make their friends rich moving them around and forcing people to the misery roads.

    If anyone wish to have a private insurance even with better coverage then WSIB
    wouldn’t be able to. Because Mr. WSIB CEO needs 400k bonus, isn’t this a insane way of democracy. Is this CEO even a human being?

    In my view is this kind of people will sale their own mothers for money.

    That’s why our Province our Country and our World is in a big mess. The lack of Love, Ethics. Morals, Justices, Compassion, Wisdom, Vision, Self Awareness, Self conscious, and knowing Thee self. Soon will bring karma into those love the greedy ways of life style in a cost of others.

    I only hope the hard working people wake up for this harassment of forcing, coercing into to benefit someone, some group or agency.

    Best way to teach these parasites, stop working for a week all of us, then two weeks, then a month, pay nothing to them at all, strike on front of their buildings, on government buildings by the millions, all peace full, may in deed be the solution.

    Force all corrupted politics out, on every party, those already gone and left this mess, bring them to the courts, most bills apparently are in prejudice to the society nor in benefit.

    Majority governments can in deed became real dangers for society as a whole. Apparently they will listen their Lob,,,, nor the people’s opinion. They count on the peoples vote and work for their friends, and creations for their future employment.

    Now, 39% became majority, insane, shouldn’t that be 51% if not a junction coal,,,
    with the other major party to form government., if no agreement election again.
    Apparently something is really wrong in this country. What is driving people not voting at all? I guess you will know the answer.

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