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(VIDEO) Coaches Corner: How to generate more leads – without spending a fortune

Robert Koci   

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What's the difference between "building a brand" and "lead generation"? The first term is "nice to have," but the second is "need to have," as Renovantage's Mike Draper explains in this short video clip.

In this video, our resident contractor coach, Mike Draper (, talks to Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci about “lead generation.”

Everyone knows that generating fresh new leads is the way you stay in business. But what’s the best way to do that?

Mike argues that “building your brand” – which for companies like Coca-Cola and Apple Computer is the key to everything they do – may NOT work for a renovation contracting firm.

At least, it may not work if you try to build your brand over a wide geographical area and invest lots of money in conventional marketing methods.


Better, Mike advises, is to try to build your brand in a very specific, local area. And keep your focus, not on “brand” building, but on generating real leads.

There are several good ways to do this, without spending a fortune on marketing, Mike says in the video.

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