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Coaches Corner (VIDEO): Work less, make more (it can be done)

Robert Koci   

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If you are working too many hours as a renovator or contractor, there are two bad things that can happen to you. One, you can burn out - have physical health problems. Two, you won't be able to sell your business when you want to retire.

In this video, Rob Koci talks to our contractor coach Mike Draper (Renovantage), about the perils of a contractor working too many hours in their business – for not enough pay.

(Sound familiar?)

What will happen to a contractor working too many hours for too little pay?

1. Burnout


2. Inability to sell the business one day, because the business is built around one person – the owner.

The solution is twofold:

1. You need to empower your guys to make more of their own decisions – and you may need to hire people you don’t currently have.

2. You need to put systems in place

See the video for a discussion about how you can achieve this in your own business.

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  1. edwardpan says:

    thank you so much for sharing this great info, contractor work is really hard job indeed, they should get paid better.

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