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Get used to this new word in Ontario: “Renovictions.”

Property owners should be careful if they think they can move tenants out while they renovate their properties. In Ontario, the law says you need to let them back afterwards - without a big rent hike.

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April 6, 2018 by canadiancontractor

John Bleasby posted last week about the Ontario Housing Minister hinted that he may want to see changes to the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act. According to the Act, a property owner can ask a tenant to move out if the property is going to undergo substantial renovations. But also, according to changes to the Act that date to 2006, the tenants are supposed to have first right of refusal to move back into the renovated unit – and without a substantial rate increase. Now, social justice advocates have coined a new word for the cases where the tenants are deliberately displaced by new, higher paying tenants: “Renoviction.”  Here’s a post about that…

He who has the gold makes the rules is true in reality! While tenants’ rights should not be violated, and they should not be tricked or swindled out of their homes, the property owner’s right to save or improve their investment (and livelihood) should be upheld. The tenants should be given ample opportunity to find a temporary home while renovations happen. But they should also be prepared to pay accordingly for modernization and upgrades if they want to return. You can’t cry about living in a slum and having to pay a reasonable  amount for an upgraded home. Kicking people out unfairly is not acceptable. But neither is living in luxury for a pauper’s wage.




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