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“It’s inconceivable that the IBEW have so much power to screw people over…”

"(IBEW) lied to and cheated both myself and the employees who wanted nothing to do with the union," says this electrical contractor

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July 5, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Last week, an Ontario contractor – a millwright – posted about his attempts to help his electrical diploma son get into two Southern Ontario locals of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). He said that, in his experience, the IBEW units in question were more interested in helping the sons and daughters of existing IBEW members. He called the IBEW a “closed shop.” 

Here is a post about that from another contractor…

Good luck trying to get in at IBEW. It’s inconceivable that they have so much power to screw people over without retributions. Don’t bother going to the Ontario Labour Relations Board as it is stacked with union leaders. I am hoping that the new Conservative provincial government puts this union and all others in their place.

At one time, the unions had a job to do to reign in the unfair employers. But today, they are the source of greed and nothing else. I speak through experience as they organized in my shop under unfair and crooked means. They lied to and cheated both myself and the employees who wanted nothing to do with the union.

In a perfect world, unions would do what they were born to do: help people not themselves and their friends and family.

Luc Charles



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