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BC ahead of the game with Covid-19

April 22, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

A couple of weeks ago, Lino Vitorio responded to a Casey Edge column with a comment that really cut through to the heart of the Covid-19 issue.

It’s a comment that elicited a couple of responses, and most recently, columnist Edge has piped in with the following retort:

BC established home construction as an essential service with regulatory guidelines. Quebec shut down construction and Ontario imposed significant limits. Yet BC leads in flattening the curve.

It’s an excellent response. What do you think, Contractor Nation? How could BC have accomplished this while maintaining its construction industry?

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  1. WorkSafeBC Update: “She said it is still early in the pandemic but it is a positive that only 8 construction workers have filed claims, even though many projects are still under way”

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