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A choice between two systems

Ken sees a fundamental choice in our politics between capitalism and communism as part of our debate about unions.

It will be a difficult task. On one hand we have a surge of skilled migrants, making Canadian economic labour pools saturated with talent. And the other hand, a deadlock of large turn of the century businesses with unions calling the shots.

If Canada hopes to ever succeed it may have to find some middle ground in innovation. Japan, Korea, India, and China have all seen their fair share of rags to riches innovation. Canada may have one last chance to get it right as this 10 to 15 year recession looms with COVID and such.

One of the greatest changes that happened pre-COVID, was where entire media empires became copy-paste news. When the Berlin Wall fell – it separated two distinct ideologies. One ideology lacked a quality of life seen by these media empires, and the wealth provided by freedom of expression. This made capitalism a clear choice.

In this new era, the quality of life once again is in question. What system of engineering society will provide the highest quality of life? In Canada we have seen united by vote a socialist health care system succeed at caring for the sick and elderly, and allowing women to have babies in a clean room.

The challenges of living and surviving can be met with capitalism or communism. It is just the perceived quality of such methods that we argue and vote for.

  • Ken Pack


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2 Comments » for A choice between two systems
  1. Frank says:

    Someone explained to me the difference between the two.

    In communism, men abuse men, and with capitalism, it is the other way around.

  2. don hrehirchek says:

    Liberty is the answer!

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