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Advice to the contractor who fell through a ceiling AND got stiffed by client

"This is your education. And you have paid for it through this situation. So accept it."

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January 26, 2018 by canadiancontractor

A lot of contractors have posted advice to the contractor who (1) Fell through a client’s ceiling, sustaining serious injuries, only to (2) find out that the client wasn’t going to pay him.

Here is some basic contract advice from Chris VB…

Live and learn. Any changes during the job as mentioned, should get a customer signed purchase or change order. These “extras” should be in your one page contract, i.e., “Any changes or additions will be signed as additional/change orders.” So this is your education. And you have paid for it through this situation – so accept it. You could put a lien on it, as pointed out as your right… or small claims them/go after them for not following their contract if this is a blatant attempt to screw you. Over the years, I have met several fraudulent clients that do this in an attempt to avoid paying full price… It does happen and it is criminal. Visit a justice of the peace to lay personal charges if this is the case.

Chris VB