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“An obvious planted story by OCOT… or some union…”

Last week, "Trades Person" wrote a passionate defence of the soon-to-be-wound-down Ontario College of Trades. Frequent readers on here are doubting its authenticity.

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November 15, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Last week we received, over the name “Trades Person,” a passionate defence of the Ontario College of Trades (soon to be closed, according to Ford government announcements at Queen’s Park).

All opinions – except for legally defamatory or libellous ones – are welcome on this site.

Having said that, a number of contractors have contacted us that they don’t believe a REAL “trades” person – i.e., a working contractor – wrote that piece. For example…

(This is an) obvious planted story by OCOT… or some union BA.┬áIf you are only paying $30/hour and less, and can replace journeymen with first year apprentices, I question the actual type of work you are doing. Is it changing lightbulbs? Or replacing toilet seats, Mr. Anonymous? LOL.

Mark Mitchell





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