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Another attempt to successfully sue the WSIB

C. Hawkins posts about the ongoing battle from the folks

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August 4, 2017 by canadiancontractor

A post here from C. Hawkins, responding to a story last week about the WSIB’s actions assisting another contracting business out of the marketplace

Very respectfully, I amsaddened to hear of another small business closing their doors.

I am a permanently disabled worker who was nearing retirement anyway, thankfully. In my early years I also had a small business for nearly ten years so I understand the frustration felt by all who need to deal with WSIB.
Let us simply start off by stating WSIB is CORRUPT and this is what has been happening.

WSIB gouges and bullies small businesses. It is a complete lie that WSIB can only go back a year when you make a request for information. You can and should request your complete file from WSIB. WSIB only works for WSIB.

Here are some facts that injured and disabled groups have that should make small business owners equally angry.

WSIB claims that higher premiums were necessary to cover an Unfunded Liability. These are bills that WSIB might eventually owe: not today but years in the future.

WSIB Rebates are regularly paid to multinational that wipes out the expense of WSIB premiums paid into the plan by them. Small businesses are carrying the full burden of WSIB since they do not have the political influence that multinationals have.

The majority of injured and disabled workers today are completely denied any Loss of Earnings benefits, medical and prescriptions under the guise of pre-existing policies and deeming policies.

So what happens to these monies since accidents victims are not getting them? These are used to pay WSIB employees 3-5X more than what they would make anywhere else. The rest has been invested into an investment fund that makes money that the government can access to balance their books or other government pet projects. (In Saskatchewan, premier Brad Wall has used these so called surplus funds created through claim denials to balance the provincial budget.) This is fraud and thief. Premiums are paid by workers and the contract should be binding to pay beneficiaries.

Disabled workers are suing the WSIB. Join them. Small businesses and workers are all victims of this fraud on the public. Go to

Ontario citizens deserve better government. WSIB is run by Elizabeth Witmer the former Tory minister. NDP in Alberta has capped the wages paid to its WSB workers and has been trying to return that province’s WCB to its founding principles.

C. Hawkins



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1 Comment » for Another attempt to successfully sue the WSIB
  1. C. Hawkins says:

    Just a short add on to my previous post, Mr. Marshall who created this painful claim denial of benefits at the WSIB has moved on to spread this pain across Ontario as the advisor to Ontario No-Fault Insurance. Mr. Marshall views all beneficiaries of an insurance plan as expenses and is profit driven.
    In WSIB, beneficiaries are legal claim recipients of any insurance contract whether they are also the policy holders or not who pay these premiums. The only REAL expenses at WSIB are employee and executives wages and these should not be anywhere near as high as they are. These people are only suppose to be hired to review medical and accident reports from disabled workers but WSIB has created a whole industry of lawyers to fight and to deny legitimate claims.
    Now Mr. Marshall has applied the same denial principles to Ontario No-Fault insurance claims on unsuspecting accident victims who are injured or disabled in a car accident. DO NOT GET IN A SERIOUS ACCIDENT SINCE YOU ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED.
    I expect denial rates will increase and these disabled citizens will end up on welfare also. Evidence will be discovered in time and Ontario No-Fault Insurance will state the same as WSIB stated for decades now that savings were made through efficiencies. Efficient denials and delayed and denied access to any Justice system since most REAL courts will not hear these cases until a disabled person has lost everything by being forced to rely on WSIAT for justice.
    The whole point of insurance is to cover an emergency and for many the greatest emergency they face is life and death and to cover their living expenses when they are too disabled to do so themselves.
    Most permanently disabled workers in the past decade have lost their homes, their processions and often their families due to the stress of illegal claim denials. Many have committed suicide.
    This can now be proven with evidence and lost lives.