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Are these guys for real? Politicians tap dancing as fast as they can on stupid decisions

Casey Edge of the Victoria Residential Builders Association digs up three quotes from politicians that make us wonder about their sanity

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July 11, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Last week, we published a post by Casey Edge of the Victoria Residential Builders Association (VRBA) in which he commented on California’s draconian changes to building code regulations, all in the name of climate-change-driven residential construction regulations like B.C.’s Step Code.

More from Casey below…

“I’ve never seen a perfect government and we weren’t perfect,” says the same minister who signed the Step Code regulation before the cost/benefit analysis, which claims only $17,450 more for Net Zero Energy Ready over basic code. You can bet BC’s Step Code is less than “perfect” as well…

Other explanations refer to “unintentional” “system” failure. When have we heard those words before?

How about here…

and here…



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