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“Canada’s safety profession is a make-work project”

The real goal of the safety industry, says Chris Langman, is to create a "Hoover Dam" of rules and red tape - and more government jobs.

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April 27, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Another post from the outspoken Chris Langman. Thanks again Chris for stirring the pot!

Safety is a personal responsibility. Your supervisor cannot climb a ladder for you. If an Ontarian were to read the current rules or discuss them with an Ministry of Labour inspector, they would realize that it is impossible and potentially illegal to climb a ladder in order to affix a “D-ring” to a building.

The make-work project that is Canada’s “safety profession” does only two things. First, it creates more government jobs – making another Hoover Dam out of rules and red tape. And second, it impedes the ability of competent construction professionals to carry out basic, albeit risky tasks.

It should also be mentioned that the bizarre convolution of safety rules provides plenty of regulatory loopholes for the insurance industry (a major donor to Ontario’s political parties) and the WSIB to renege on their policy holders when accidents do happen.

Chris Langman



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  1. Don Hrehirchek says:

    Agree whole heartily!