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“Why can’t we use scaffolding the way we want?”

Rob says: "The Ministry of Labour cares about our innocent families? Give me a break. More people die legally from liver cirrhosis every year than they do breaking the law with scaffolding."

August 7, 2016
By canadiancontractor

Finally, here are two more comments complaining about Alec’s safety article and photos: “Russian Roulette on badly-constructed scaffolding.”

They are both from Rob (contractor reader, not Rob Koci our publisher)…

Here’s the first one…

“I hope you had your car in park, Alec, before you took that picture. What about mandatory training for using extension cords? Or get your mandatory “Working with Table Saws” training. Would you go to jobsites and take pictures of overloaded outlets and saws without guards? More rules, more bureaucracy, more taxes.”

And then, after editor Steve Payne replied to Rob that Canadian Contractor is definitely NOT for “more bureaucracy” but that we do care about safety, Rob replied…

“Steve, I’m serious about less government. If we’re not affecting anyone else why can’t we use scaffolding the way we want? Because the Ministry of Labour cares about our innocent families? Give me a break. More people die legally from liver cirrhosis every year than they do from breaking the law with scaffolding. Where’s the government’s bleeding heart then? Some things should just be common sense and left alone. Also, I think it’s in poor taste to post an article calling these guys stupid and mocking their slogan.”

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  1. Marten says:

    This stuff is interesting. Different opinions for sure. I can see a point if you do something and hurt or kill yourself that would be your problem. But how would you like to be the guy that goes to his wife and kids and say there husband/father won’t be coming home today as he killed himself with poor safety? What if you had to go to court and say it in front of a bunch of people that all want to know why this person is dead. What about the crew that sets up the scaffold but someone else uses it and is hurt/killed then, how does that work? In that case could it be manslaughter? After all someone killed someone with their actions, all be it not intentionally. What about the person that is told to go into trench for some reason. He may not even know the banks are to steep. Is that his fault because he did not know? There is lots of stuff I don’t know, problem is I am to dumb to even know what questions to ask. As I get older I get smarter but it sure is taking a long time. Remember you were young once to and just as dumb as a new person now.

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