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“Carpenters with years of skill and finesse… are undervalued and underpaid.”

Yet they don't need to be in any "College of Trades" argues Simon Hubble

A comment from Simon Hubble…

“I would like to point out that the majority of carpenters / contractors that are able to start, oversee and complete complex projects do not need to be lumped into the Ontario College of Trades cash cow. Let plumbers do plumbing and electricians do electrical. Carpenters who have acquired years of skill and finesse, in my eyes, are undervalued and underpaid. Yes there are a lot of new businesses out there that talk the talkbut can’t walk the walk. So how about customers taking the time to use their due diligence and reference checks before making costly, uneducated decisions. Ah, maybe it all boils down to cost. Buy cheap buy twice. Valuing the people who do the work, always pays in spades.”


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